The Latest from Germain

Exciting times, everyone. My new paperbacks are now available through Lulu Distributors; Sevens, the Lyrical Miracle, The Sanskrit Glossary, and coming soon, Names of Sasquatch.

I’ll be leaving for a tour of Sweden in early March and expect to return by early April.  And after that, I will be preparing for the big Solstice Journey to Peru.  Reserve your spots now!

Oh, and I’ve updated my website.  When we built the old one, smart phones didn’t exist, and even flat-screen monitors were rare.  It was time to leap into the 21st century.

The entire original Saint Germain website is online and remains fully functional. Feel free to look around as the new site unfolds, but if you can’t find something you expect, it’s still on the old site.  Thanks.

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