Audio Teachings

Saint Germain is proud to present a wide assortment of his works and philosophy. Here you can purchase any of his audio teachings for digital download. Please feel free to explore the rest of the site, where you will find music, books, and teleconferencing counseling.

Each week is focused in three main directions:

1. Lecture & Teachings –

Middle Earth, Angels, Pleiadians, Sasquatch, Mermaids and more.

2. Live Music by Saint Germain –

(Multiple Guinness World Record Holder in music) –

Singing, chanting, mantras and more. Playing: djembe, didgeridoo, shruti box, strumstick, guitar, zambone, shakuhachi and healing chimes. Playing between two and four instruments per week.

3. Personal Growth Teachings –

“Holistic Self-Help Techniques” applications for heart, mind, body and spirit.

Dispensed with heart and soul…

All the live recordings have been dispensed from Mt. Shasta & the Redwood Forests, with intention, focus, direction and purpose. With heartfelt moments and some of the deepest topics covered, there are many secrets revealed. As truth registers in the soul from experience, Saint Germain (who has been on Earth for over 226,000 years) unleashes the past, present, and one of the most glorious and miraculous details of the future.

Saint Germain has covered over 1.2 million miles (1.9 million kilometers) since 1987, enough to circle the world 49 times. And has worked with diplomats from around the world. He shares some of his most crucial topics and teachings, that are truly relevant at this time on Earth. As the group avatar is embodied..

To purchase and download each audio teaching, just click on the link for the teaching you wish to obtain.

Week 1 – Earth’s Purpose – Music – God, Elohim, Angels

Week 2 – Earth’s First Beginnings – Music – Food, Water, Exercise

Week 3 – The Seven Root Races – Music -The 7 Cosmic Rays & Secret Rays

Week 4 – Subterranean Cities – Music – Violet Flame Initiation

Week 5 – Past Golden Ages – Music – Violet & Green Ray Healing

Week 6 – The Fall & Group Avatar – Music – Secrets of the Heart

Week 7 – Indigo, Rainbow & Crystal Children – Music – Dreams

Week 8 – Pleiades, Sirius & More – Music – Spoken Word & Mantras

Week 9 – Great Central Sun – Music – Personal & Cosmic Prayers

Week 10 – Lemurian City of Telos – Music – Law of Give & Receive

Week 11 – Sasquatch, Unicorns, Mermaids – Music – Our Purpose

Week 12 – The 7th Golden Age – Music – Meaning of GOD