The Living Prophecy

The Living Prophecy


Saint Germain Foundation

Saint Germain Press

Ascended Master Discourses

“Today there will be further proof, because the time is not far distant, when a number of the Ascended Masters will come and make Their Bodies, Their Ascended Bodies, tangible to you; so that all may see and no the Truth of which the Messengers have spoken.”

Volume 6, Page 137

Lady Master Nada Rayborn discourse

from Master Saint Germain – March 21, 1937

Ascended Master Light

“Dear ones, when you are privileged to have These Great Ones stand forth in the tangible, visible form and talk to you; then will you realize what was done that morning; what is done tonight; and what has been done through every Dictation, since the beginning of the Shrine Class.”

Volume 7, page 235

Godfre Ray King discourse

from Lady Master Leto

Pasadena, California – January 17, 1937


“One day, when We come and stand before in the Visible, Tangible Body; and you have come to a point where we can release certain forces; We will present to you the record of those Great Truths and why they are so. Then, you will know how great has been the Truth the Messengers have presented to you.”

page 363 Vol. 7

Godfre Ray King discourse

from Master Hilarion

Long Beach, California – December 17, 1937

The Voice of the “I AM” (monthly magazine)

“Today as I stand there flashing these Words to the Messenger, I am just as tangible as he is. Now this is the very joyful thing that is approaching. As the vibratory action of your bodies and minds is stepped up and raised, don’t be surprised if someday in the Class, you see Me quite as clear as the Messenger. That would be the Natural Law. But do not strain to do it! Just be patient until It arrives. Then I cannot hide Myself from you! Of course, I do not do that on purpose, but then you just have not seen Me so far; but ‘I Am’ nonetheless tangible as you will observe!”

September 1943 Issue

Page 9 and 10

Godfre Ray King discourse

from Master Saint Germain

Oakland, California – August 18, 1939

Church Universal and Triumphant

Summit University Press

Prayer and Meditation Book

“Saint Germain has proven the Law. Not locked in the philosopher’s study or in his speculative mind, but right in the very midst of the turbulent uncertainties of life in every age. Saint Germain is a living master because he has mastered the art of living day by day, lifetime after lifetime. He has met the challenge posed by our very existence as sons and daughters of God-the challenge to be what we must be. Not only to be the Real Self but to individualize that Self. He has walked with us and among us over the centuries, a soul unmistakable to those whose inner calling is to freedom.”

Page 230

Mark Prophet (Lanello) dictation

from Master Saint Germain – March 1961

the Masters and Their Retreats

page 289 and 290

“During the ages, Saint Germain continued to embody on Earth while Portia remained in the octaves of light. Upon his ascension from the Rakoczy Mansion in 1684, Saint Germain also entered the Great Silence, where his beloved twin flame Portia, had long been awaiting his return. Not long thereafter, the beloved Sanctus Germanus was given the dispensation by the Lords of Karma to function in the world of form as an ascended being having the appearance of an unascended being.”……It goes on to say on page 290…

“In 1793 Portia withdrew to the octaves of light, where she remained in nirvana until she stepped forth in 1939 to assist Saint Germain with his activities in the United States.”

Francois Voltaire

Speaks about Saint Germain…

“the Man who never dies and knows everything”



Madame de Pompadour Memoirs

Speaks about Saint Germain…

“He did not age”

“Ageless, a mystery man”

“There is nothing it seems he could not do”,

“Remembered as l’homme extraordinaire”