Saint Germain Testimonials

“Simply listening to Saint Germain’s voice on the tele-conference opened within me a deep remembrance of the essence of who I am, a sense of peace that vibrated within every cell of my being, and a profound feeling of finally being at home within myself.”
Pat / New Jersey

“…immediately I had a heart contact with you. I started smelling angelic essences (clair-smelling) in the air inside my room, which flew into my heart and core, and are very nurturing and tranquil.”
Sevgi / Turkey

“During the conference call, I go into a Samadhi State. The days after the call I feel a greater sense of joy and aliveness.”
Jeanie / Wyoming

“We kept seeing violet light everywhere, after we met Saint Germain at the Wesak Gathering in Mount Shasta.”
Thea and Doug / Pennsylvania

“…even had some clair-audient (higher hearing) experiences of joyful music from the heart-center and heard words very clearly with heartfelt love.”
Sevgi / Turkey

“You came to me in a dream as Saint Germain and asked me if I was ready to go to work.”
Lode / Belgium

“Germain brings a sense of joy and introspection to his music”
Zepp / Mount Shasta