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The “critical mass” is made up of ascended and unascended beings. The ascended are finished with the karmic cycle of death and rebirth and therefore cannot come through the birth canal of a woman. They cannot reincarnate because they have graduated from that cycle, so they re-embody or “walk-in.” The only difference is that the ascended ones had to walk-in in order to re-embody.

A walk-in simply means that before embodiment, there is an agreement or pact made between two beings (one ascended, and one unascended) on the “other side”. This agreement is that the unascended chooses which parents to incarnate through, is born, and then eventually gives up the body to the walk-in, or ascended one. The transition can happen in infinite ways, from right after birth to many years later. Once the ascended has taken on the flesh, the unascended has fulfilled the prior agreement and is in full knowingness that the critical mass is being obtained for the “mass anchoring” of the fifth dimension in 2013. This allowing by the unascended to give up their body to help save a planet is truly a noble act, and the blessings are abundant for those who have made these agreements with the walk-ins.

Many of the ascended walk-ins still carry their given names and some have come out in the public, and now go by their lineage name, or higher name. The key to the walk-ins is that you have to purposely forget almost 90% of everything you know as truth, before you walk-in. This is to ensure humility, that one doesn’t come in too full in ego, with entourages, etc. This would create more separation, and that is not acceptable. So when one grows with maturity, then the being can integrate his or her totality without the imbalance of ego, then the remembrances start to come in the dreams, meditation, and in nature. Another important truth about masses of ascended beings embodying is that they all know that it is about everyone as a whole. They understand that it takes all of us together to help the planet, acting as the “Group Avatar”.

Many ascended walk the Earth, but not all are in their full remembrance, so we must be patient with each other.

Saint Germain “walked-in” to the body of Mark Jess Kneass, in the year 1971. Germain was raised in northern California. He has been a student of esoteric teachings since the age of six, under his parents’ tutelage. He was born in the seventh month in the seventh house on the street, the address of which was “77”. His was the seventh family to live in the house. He was born the seventh child, with very strong family values.

Germain has lectured on over twenty different topics in metaphysics in six different countries since 1994. Topics included: Middle Earth, Ascended Masters, The Seven Cosmic Rays, Building of the Pyramids, the Bermuda Triangle, Yeti, Sasquatch, Inter-Planetary Connections, Pleiades, Sirius, Orion, and more. Also: The Great Central Sun, 2013 Prophecy, Past Advanced Civilizations, Meditation, Affirmation, Visualization, Dream Symbology, Secret Chamber of the Heart . . . and more.

Saint Germain in the Violet Flame, on Mount Shasta.  October 2007



With the combination of affirmation, meditation and concentration we will
exceed limitation attaining global purification

There will be a levitation of our vibration that shall lift each and every nation
through the transformation unto divination

This recrystallization and illumination of the population will allow the
preservation of the civilization

With careful preparation we begin the etheric migration of our spirits’
elevation, seeing the emanation of a heavenly revelation that is the visitation
of God’s manifestation

Our exploration in this incarnation will allow the disintegration and
elimination of any negative sensation assuring the confirmation of our
coronation, causing the celestial celebration, which is the graduation from
 For we are all but ONE

Saint Germain