Saint Germain Biography

Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, Author, Musician

Germain with aura

Birth Name: Mark Jess Kneass


Born: July 26, 1967

Western Astrological Sign: Sun in Leo, Aries rising sign, and Moon in Aries

Eastern Astrological Sign: Sign of the Sheep, also called Goat, Lamb or Ram

Mayan Calendar Galactic Signature: White Wizard (first day of the calendar)

Occupations: keynote speaker; facilitator; author; poet; musician, singer and songwriter

Activities: group-participation activities: silent meditations, guided meditations, affirmations, visualizations, mantras, prayers, songs, decrees; traditional Sufi dance; ancient healing rituals from around the world: Angel Wash Healing Ceremony; Sound Healing Ceremony; Inca, Maya and Aztec rituals; Violet Flame Initiations

Music: playing Australian aboriginal didgereedoo; Egyptian dumbek drum; west African djembe and dunun drum; Pakistani dulcimer string instrument; Japanese shakuhachi flute; and many other wind, string and percussive instruments; performing spoken-word, mantras, poetry and singing

Years active: metaphysic conferences since 1994, concerts since 1987


Blue Cross

Mission: To simply remind people of things that they might have forgot through time, because Saint Germain believes that everyone knew everything in the beginning. Our solar system is on the fifth of seven rings that emanate from the Source. Being so far from the Great Central Sun or the Source, it is rather easy to forget where we come from, and slip into the third dimensional reality.

So again, Saint Germain is here to trigger memory, and by practicing self-mastery techniques, one cleanses the four lower bodies (physical, mental, emotional and the etheric body or what is called the memory body). Saint Germain reminds us how to work with the etheric/memory body, thereby triggering eternal memory. Saint Germain’s memory is over one million years, spanning four different constellations. He has served in this solar system, the Pleiades, in Lyra, Sirius, and before that, in the Great Central Sun (Source). So, with humility and love, and through techniques to trigger memory, beings have the option to remembers who they are, their lineage name, where they come from, how they got here, why they are here, and where they are going.

This also triggers the truth that we live forever, and there is no death, only a simple transition, as the spirit/soul lives forever, always having the opportunity to gain the ascension, and graduate from the school of life here on Earth. In Latin, Sanctus Germanus means “holy brother”, a humble man who remembers the secrets of alchemy (self-mastery) and the secrets of the Cosmos and Source. He has been allowed (by the Great Karmic Board) to function in the world as an ascended master, with the appearance of an unascended being.

An everyday person who remembers the true history of Earth, from the very first beings that came 500 million years ago, until the completion, in a first-time-ever event, the Global Ascension of 2013, Saint Germain’s two God-given abilities are “Prophecy and Miracles”, where he has been shown thousands of years into the future. He explains who the first beings were, that “seeded” our planet, where they settled, the reasons why they came, and what the purpose of Earth is. He reminds us of the Seven Ages of Man (the Seven Root Races), how “The Fall” happened, how it is redeemed, and the completion of this planets evolution, the completion of the whole solar system, and even farther into the future.

Saint Germain emphasizes group participation, as this is where the fifth and higher dimensional frequencies are embraced, in the oneness. With group-meditation, affirmation, visualization, song, mantra, prayer, music and dance.

Saint Germain also reminds us of the use of the Seventh Cosmic Ray, The Violet Flame (for personal and planetary transformation). He has been leading “Group-Anchorings” of the Violet Flame for planetary and cosmic purposes, in preparation for the Seventh Golden Age of Aquarius. Through group affirmation, visualization and meditation these pillars are anchored in the core of the Earth, extending outward through the crust, to the surface, and up into the atmosphere, extending infinitely. He has been anchoring these etheric, fifth-dimensional “Violet Flame Pillars” at his conferences since 2005. So far two locations in Peru; four locations in Mexico; Diksmuide, Belgium; Mount Shasta, California; and Honolulu, Hawaii. These pillars help lay the foundation of the Seventh Golden Age, for the etheric/crystalline cities that manifest in the 2013 prophecy. The Violet Flame Pillars also act as vortex-like funnels that vacuum up any negativity, maintaining purity and the healing of Mother Earth. These pillars upgrade and change the energy leylines that encompass our Earth, weaving the new golden-matrix, that can sustain the fifth-dimensional frequencies that the 2013 prophecy brings.

Label: Saint Germain is self-produced and self-published with: five books; three music cds; two music dvds; four lecture vhs; one lightship/ufo dvd; one violet flame dvd; Saint Germain has also collaborated with four other music artists on their own music cds

Contact Information:
Saint Germain
P.O.Box 770 Mount Shasta,
California 96067 U.S.A.



Saint Germain “walked-in” to the four year old body of Mark Jess Kneass in the year 1971. In Redwood City, California. Upon arrival Saint Germain received a message, that he would have to wait until later in life, and receive yet another message, which was the permission to come into the public and serve. He chose two other “walk-ins” for his parents, his father being El Morya Khan, embodied yet again, as an Englishman from Great Britain. His mother is one of the great Bodhisattvas from China.

By 1974 Saint Germain was already in full practice and disciplines of the esoteric teachings, with the Teachings of the Sisters and Brothers of the Golden Robe, and the Saints Robed in White, both of which are “Teachings of the Ascended Masters”. Saint Germain is a member of the Sisters and Brothers of the Golden Robe, that is headed by the ascended master Khoot Hoomi Lal Singh, based out of Shigatse, Tibet. His parents and family had pursued the Teachings of the Ascended Masters very intensely, from 1974 through 1978. Traveling to spiritual conferences nationwide, with Elizabeth Clare Prophet and other messengers of the Ascended Masters and Angels.

Is was at this time, that Saint Germain’s mother and oldest sister knew some truly incredible people, and they would frequent their residence. These were some real magically gifted beings who performed amazing healings and revelations. There were pyschic healings, where the healer’s hands would fully disappear into the patients body and extract or fix the blockage. Saint Germain’s second oldest sister’s boyfriend made “free energy” machines, that a 110 volt plug could be put in its’ outlet, and it worked. There were Japanese, Russian and American holistic healers who visited his home. There was an ancient Peruvian master who revealed messages through a medium (Saint Germain’s oldest sister’s friend) that would come to the house. At the age of seven, Saint Germain was already engaged in a wide range and very diverse selection of esoteric teachings and knowledge. As the family slowed their practices, Saint Germain and his mother persisted in the teachings and disciplines of meditation, mantras and prayer, until this day.

Saint Germain “walked-in” to Mark Jess Kneass, the seventh child in the family, born in the seventh month, in 1967, seventh family to live in the house were he grew up, address was seventy-seven, it was the seventh house on the street. The neighborhood is called Palomar (seven letters). Born in Sequoia (seven letters) Hospital.



Saint Germain realized more and more his two main gifts, of miracles and prophecy. At a very early age he began to realize that he could help sick people and animals. From early on Saint Germain had constant dreams, where he traveled out-of-body (in his etheric body) to the etheric plane (where we visit in between embodiments) to specific etheric retreats or (mystery schools). Receiving teachings about soul groups from different constellations and higher forms of healing (magnetism) and higher forms of communications (interstellar communications with hand-held crystals).

The instructors are from seven to ten feet in height, feminine and masculine, robed in white. Saint Germain performed many miracles when he was young and continues to these days. Saint Germain is shown future and past events, both personal, planetary and cosmic, happening primarily in the dream~state, while out-of-body, but in recent years there have been numerous events revealed in the awakened-state, in lucid dreams and meditations. The miracles and revelations have been abundant in manifestation.
The 2012 Prophecies of the Mayan Calendar have been revealed to Saint Germain in the utmost detail. Saint Germain was twice shown the vision of the 2012 Prophecy, first when he was sixteen years old, in 1984 and then at age twenty-five in the year 1993.

Saint Germain was able to emanate an indigo beam of light from his forehead (third-eye) since the age of twenty-five, complete with a transparent violet tube of light (six foot in diameter) which would surround him.

Many photos started showing his aura and beams of light emanating from his heart, head and hands. Photos taken with regular cameras. Saint Germain eventually started capturing subtle energies on video, especially the seventh cosmic ray, the “Violet Flame”, filmed by himself. Saint Germain also has more than one lightship/ufo video, also filmed by himself.

Saint Germain has had many sightings of ufo’s throughout his life, approximately seventy-five ships, which are either illuminous, metallic and gaseous in appearance. Saint Germain was visited in the dream-state in 1994 by Pleiadians and Venusians. The first meeting was the very first night he moved to Mount Shasta in September of 1994. He was welcomed back to Mount Shasta with a hug and a kiss on the neck.


Saint Germain started his first public appearances in the late 1980’s, using his Christian, given name, Mark Jess Kneass. He also used Jess Kneass and Jessiah Kneass, again waiting for the message of permission of no more alias’s. The consciousness on the planet had to reach a certain level before he was released from the alias’s, it’s just like waiting for fruit to ripen. Saint Germain was speaking to small groups and performing in a wide range of different musical ensembles, as well as performing his spoken~word and poetry. As he started to travel the world he began to get involved in the film industry, in small roles and extra work, in Egypt, Spain and the United States. Saint Germain was also in the fashion industry in San Francisco, Barcelona and Munich, as a runway model and a hair-show model, as well as an extra in a 1980’s Spanish rock video.

Saint Germain went on to do extra work and some production work in the hit spiritual film “Indigo”, produced by Stephen Simon and wrote by James Twyman, starring Neal Donald Walsch. Saint Germain is featured on the “Indigo- Behind the Scenes” dvd. He has also wrote a script for a full length motion picture of the (Mayan Prophecy 2013, “Heaven on Earth in One Day”).

On May 12, 1999 Saint Germain had received that “other message”, of no more alias’s, so to fully come into the public and serve. He was on the cusp of beginning his thirty-third year of life, when through a group of birds, he receives the message “No More Alias’s”. As the birds chirped and sang, Saint Germain heard it clearly, in the form of English. It was then that Saint Germain started touring the globe as the ascended master Saint Germain. Before that point and time, complete strangers would walk up to him and say something like, “hey, you look just like Saint Germain”, or “you have been coming to me in my dreams since I was young”, or “I have seen a picture of you before”, and Saint Germain would just say, “I’m working for him.” Saint Germain did not have the permission to tell people who he really was, until the May 12, 1999 message. Given permission to be in the public for only the “final hours”, the final fourteen years of life as we know it, as the “Great Change” comes in 2013.

Saint Germain was anointed “Grandmaster of the World’s Secret Societies” in the year 1612, in the life of Francis Bacon. Taking place in a secret meeting, in a secret cave in the Bavarian Alps, Germany. From over 200,000 years of continuous service on this planet, did he receive this anointment.

It was in that lifetime as Francis Bacon that Saint Germain gained his ascension, which was on May 1, 1684, from the Rackoczy Mansion in Romania. So again, from his over 200,000 years of selfless acts and deeds, he has received the highest anointment, the attainment of ascension.

Saint Germain has been lecturing and performing concerts in Belgium, Holland, Spain, Germany, 3 provinces in Canada (Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia), 4 states in Mexico (Baja California, Morelos, Jalisco, Quintana Roo).

Saint Germain has been on Channel 4(Britain); MTV (Europe); ABC World News Tonight (U.S.A.); Children’s Television with Ingabor (Belgium); Aztec Morning (Mexico); Telenet Channel 35 (Peru). He has also been on a few college and public/cable access television programs, as well as local radio programs, including National Public Radio and live internet concerts through Wisdom Radio.


Influence in the World

 Saint Germain is so grateful to be serving his mission with people from all over the world, in many different capacities: metaphysic conferences, concerts, movies, documentaries, books, and in everyday life. He is serving with other living ascended masters; healers; diplomats; generals; mayors; royalty; prime minister aids; the Dalai Lama; film producers, directors, and actors; and half a dozen grammy-winning musicians.

Saint Germain has collaborated and/or had meetings with:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – They were both on the same “line-up” at the Health and Harmony Festival, Santa Rosa, California U.S.A., 2004
His Holiness, the Dalai Lama –
a casual meeting that took place on the path near the Bagsu Nag Monastery in Upper Dharmasala, India, 1997
Andromeda Abushady –
Saudi Arabian Princess, was Saint Germain’s partner for two and one-half years, together they served in many ways. She is the first cousin of the former King of Saudi Arabia, King Fahad, 1993-1995
Drunvalo Melchizedek –
Saint Germain had a private meeting with Drunvalo Melchizedek and Godfre Ray King, in an Abbey in Belgium, 2001 – note: Drunvalo and Saint Germain shared the same translator in Europe (Maurice)
James J. Hurtak –
Saint Germain had the privilege of meeting with J.J. Hurtak and his wife, while walking down Mount Shasta Boulevard in Mount Shasta, California. They had a short meeting and exchanged contact information, agreeing to stay in contact, 2007 – note: Saint Germain and J.J. have shared the same translator in Mexico (Antonio Palazuelos)
Neal Donald Walsch –
Saint Germain had a small part in the Indigo movie, while Neal Donald Walsch was in a leading role. Saint Germain plays a local tv crew camerman in the film, where Neal Walsch practically knocks Saint Germain over. Saint Germain actually was part of the production crew, as he was filming during his part as “the camerman”. His footage was used in the “Indigo” movie and in the “Indigo- Behind the Scenes” dvd, 2004
Stephen Simon –
Stephen Simon produced the movie “Indigo” and Saint Germain had a small role as well as some film work on the production crew. He got to spend some extra time with Stephen, on the set, and eating meals together, and going to the preview of the film, 2004
James Twyman –
Author of the Indigo books and director of the Indigo movie, of which Saint Germain was in a small role, and part of the production crew, with some of his own footage used in the”Indigo- Behind The Scenes” dvd. Saint Germain has been on the same line-ups with James Twyman (in Oregon and California), both at music festivals and spiritual retreats, as well as Jose Arguelles’s Mayan Calendar events. Saint Germain performed in concert at three different Indigo Children/Mayan Calendar Conferences, sponsored by James Twyman and Jose Arguelles, 2001-2003
Zakir Hussain –
Saint Germain helped this grammy winner facilitate the world’s largest drum circle with over 5,000 drummers, for the Guinness Book of World Records, Laytonville, California, 2004
Jose Arguelles –
Saint Germain performed in concert at three different Jose Arguelles/James Twyman conferences, (in Oregon and California) with Mayan Calendar and Indigo Children teachings, 2001-2003
Elizabeth Clare Prophet –
Saint Germain and the whole of the family was very close to Elizabeth, attending conferences nationwide fro 1975 to 1978. At one point in 1977, Elizabeth had invited our family to live in”Camelot”, the 58 acre complex, that was home to the University of Ascended Masters, in Malibu, California. We would have been the only “residential” family living on the grounds as there was only one large home on the property at that time. As a family, they made the decision not to move, even though the offer was ever so gracious. We new that our mission was to be among the people, in the public. Saint Germain attended the Summit University / Church Universal and Triumphant conferences with Elizabeth on and off from 1975 to 1999. Elizabeth was a huge blessing to Saint Germain and the family. The mantras, decrees and meditation with thousands of people, was amazing and they reached very elevated states of consciousness.
Betty Bethards –
This amazing teacher of the light was very instrumental in Saint Germain’s life. Starting at seven years old, he was attending weekly meditations and teachings with the whole family. In the past, Saint Germain, his mother and Betty had shared a few native American incarnations together. She was truly a messenger of the light, and like a mother figure to Saint Germain. Saint Germain, decades later would speak at the same public engagements, the last being at the Health and Harmony Festival, featuring John F. Kennedy Jr.. In santa Rosa, 2004.
Colleen Pyke –
Saint Germain acted alongside Colleen in the movie “Indigo”. He also interviewed with her on her National Public Radio program in Ashland, Oregon, 2004


Saint Germain has been affiliated and/or performed benefit concerts for the following Native American Chiefs and Nations:

Chief Richard Sparrow Eagle – Lakota Elder, benefit concerts, Grass Valley, California, 1999, 2000, 2001
Chief Arvol Looking Horse –
Lakota Elder, benefit concerts, Ashland, Oregon, 2001, 2002, 2003
Chief Floyd Buckskin –
Ahjumawi or Pitt River Elder, benefit festivals, Dana, California, 2004-2007
Chief Jack Fallsrock –
Upper Klamath Elder, Eagle Dancer, benefit concerts and festivals, Oregon and California, 2002-2007
Chief Charlie Thom –
Karuk Elder, benefit festivals, Dana, California, 2004
Chief Jack Thom –
Karuk Elder, benefit festivals, Dana, California, 2004
Big Mountain Benefit –
Navaho Nation benefit concerts and festivals with music group Clan Dyken, Oregon and California festivals, 1999-2003
Leonard Peltier Benefit – a
n elder, originally from Turtle Mountain Reservation, North Dakota Elder, Dragonfly Festival Benefit, Upper Lake, California, 1999
Gino Mendoza –
Mashica Elder, Children’s Visionquest Project and Dun-Dun Village Festival, Upper Lake, California, 1998-2002
Carlos Chico Hall –
Mayan Elder, E-Merge-N-See Festival, Ashland, Oregon, 2005


Saint Germain has given over fifty metaphysic conferences since 1994. They are three-day or six-day conferences, that cover a wide range of alchemical self-mastery workshops, techniques and practices, incorporated with music and movement. Saint Germain has lectured in five states in the U.S. (California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Hawaii), three provinces in Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec), four states in Mexico (Baja California, Jalisco, Morelos and Quintana Roo) as well as Belgium and Holland. He has also spent time in China, India, Egypt, Israel, Spain, Germany, Austria, France, England, Scotland and Iceland. In his service and mission, he has traveled over one million miles.


Metaphysic Events as a Keynote Speaker, Spoken-Word Artist or Musician:

Saint Germain’s Annual Mount Shasta Conference – keynote speaker and musician, the second weekend of August every year , 1999 to the present
Wesak Festival –
spoken-word and musician, Mount Shasta, California, 2000-2002
International U.F.O. Conference of Alpha and Omega –
keynote speaker, Cuzco, Peru, 2007
Novotel Hotel –
keynote speaker, Cuzco, Peru, 2007
Brasschaat Castle –
keynote speaker and musician, Antwerpen, Belgium, 2001
Salon De Saint Germain –
keynote speaker and musician, Diksmuide, Belgium, 2001
Boddhi Tree –
keynote speaker, Hollywood, California, 2000
Om Tara Retreat –
keynote speaker and musician, Racine, Quebec, Canada, 2004
Jardin Interior Retreat –
keynote speaker and musician, Bromont, Quebec, Canada, 2005
La Quinta El Zopilote Retreat –
keynote speaker and musician, Cuernavaca,
Morelos, Mexico, 2007
San Diego Center for the Performing Arts –
keynote speaker, San Diego, California, 2001
Seven Centers Yoga Arts Center – k
eynote speaker, Sedona, Arizona, 2001
Aurora’s Healing Center –
keynote speaker, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, 2001
Summer Hill Vineyards Mansion –
keynote speaker, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, 2001
The Art Zone Mansion –
keynote speaker and musician, Honolulu, Hawaii, 2008
Earthdance Festival –
spoken-word, musician and facilitator, Laytonville, California, 1999-2003, and in 2004 for the World’s Largest Drum Circle with the Guinness Book of World Records
International Essene Gathering –
poetry reading, at the Seventh Annual, Britenbush Hotsprings, Oregon, 1999
Mendocino Living Culture Festival –
spoken-word and musician, Mendocino, California, 2007
Dragonfly Festival –
keynote speaker, Upper Lake, California, 1998, 1999
Ashland Country Faire –
keynote speaker and musician, Ashland, Oregon, 2000, 2001, 2002
World Peace Summer Solstice Festival –
keynote speaker, Ashland, Oregon, 2000-2003
World Peace Autumn Equinox Festival –
keynote speaker, Ashland, Oregon, 2000-2003
Fairyworlds Festival –
musician, Secret House Winery, Veneta, Oregon, 2006
Gathering of the Tribes –
spoken-word and musician, Dana, California, 2004-2007
Unitarian Church –
musician, spoken-word, Roseburg, Oregon
Benbow Arts and Music Festival –
spoken-word and musician, Benbow, California, 1999-2003
E-Merge-N-See Festival –
spoken-word and musician, Ashland, Oregon, 2005
Grants Pass Pow Wow –
musician, Grants Pass, Oregon, 2005
North Mount Shasta Sundance –
singer, Mount Shasta, California, 2007
Masonic Temple –
musician and keynote speaker with group from Belgium, Mount Shasta, California 1999
Masonic Temple –
keynote speaker, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, 2006
Healing Arts Center –
keynote speaker, Penticton, British Columbia, Canada, 2000
The Crystal Shoppe –
keynote speaker, Rutland, British Columbia, Canada, 2000
Josephine Taylor Foundation –
keynote speaker, Mount Shasta, California, 1999-2002
Stoneybrook Retreat –
keynote speaker, McCloud, California, 1994
Gateway Peace Garden –
keynote speaker, Mount Shasta, California, 2005
Rogue Valley Metaphysic Library –
keynote speaker, Ashland, Oregon, 2003
Samadi Metaphysic School –
keynote speaker and musician, Playas de Tijuana (Tijuana Beaches), Baja California, Mexico, 2005
Esmeralda Hotel –
keynote speaker, Tulum, Quintana Roo (Yucatan Peninsula), Mexico, 2007
Portologos Healing Center –
musician and keynote speaker, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, 2007


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