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Tunecore now has five of Germain’s CDs available here for streaming and download.  Show your love of the wonderful work Germain does as you enjoy his music. Shores of Siljan, Lotus Path, Moving Forward, Sevens, and Guided Meditations are all available at Tunecore, or at dozens of outlets including Spotify.

Available as CDs for purchase at Amazon by March 12th, 2018: Moving Forward, Shores of Siljan.



Much of Germain’s music is playful and celebrates the sensibilities of the entire world.  This is true both of his youthful Reggae scores featured on “Moving Forward” and “Sevens” and in the deeper and more mature sensibility he uses to convey his teaching through musical expression. Saint Germain plays some 70 musical instruments, including some of the most exotic and spiritual to be found in all the world. The following tracks are from his live 2015 concert in Sweden:

Aum Mani Padme Hum (with Germain on strumstick)


Aztec Call (ocarina)


Outback (didgeridoo)

To hear Moving Forward title track:

Moving Forward – Track 1 Moving Forward


To purchase Moving Forward at I-Tunes:

Or stream individual songs at Apple Music



Saint Germain Musique


Saint Germain Musique