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The Lyrical Miracle

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Softback ($17.00)

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The Sanskrit Glossary

 A mystical and theosophical approach to this post-Lemurian language

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Epub: 8.99

PDF Available soon.

… From the Microcosm to the Macrocosm, From the Molecular level to the Cosmic Seas… A full depiction of how the number Seven is woven throughout Creation, in the Human, Animal, Vegetable, Mineral kingdoms and beyond…<

Sevens: A Numeric Collage of the Number Seven

 777 entries about the number seven, animal, vegetable, mineral, personal, planetary and celestial entries, from the molecular level, to the farthest reaches of the cosmos, showing how the number seven is woven throughout all of Creation. Seven is the number for creation, gestation, reproduction, manifestation, individual perfection and more.,77 pgs.

Now available at Lulu Distributors

Softback: $17.00

Epub: $7.77

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Mystic Lists and Prophecies  A collage of mysteries – personal, planetary and cosmic, with detailed future events from 2012ad  to 4012ad, a must for any “mystics” library, 77 pgs.  $17.00


Sasquatch Names  With answers to many of the questions that surround this elusive being. And over 700 names of the legendary Bigfoot Creature, 45 pages $11.00

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